Gluten Free in Ljubljana

This wasn’t my first trip away or abroad after going gluten free.  But this was my first trip solo.  For both abroad and gluten free.  And a bit unnerving on its own.  And I didn’t know anyone well that had been to Slovenia and Croatia that had to be gluten free.  I had no idea how this would go.  And was alone, so I had to advocate for myself the entire trip.  Making sure everything I ate was safe and gluten free and I wouldn’t be sick.  All while trying to make the most of my “big adventure”.

I don’t think I could have picked a better place to go for my first solo trip.  Or a gluten free trip.  Or a finding myself trip.  It was perfect.  This was stop one of my three weeks working south through the Adriatic.   And a great place to start.

With out anyone to tell me where to go to eat gluten free, I decided to play it safe and pack a pile of granola bars.  I didn’t want to be lonely and hangry in a new place.  Turns out, it wasn’t even needed (well except for plane and train snacks).

I started my trip with a few days in Ljubljana.  One of my friends had a friend who had been.  And she heard that they really enjoyed the city.   I spent a snow day researching just where to find Ljubljana on a map.  And how to say it.  I was immediately in love and knew I had to go.   And it was worth it.

Day one was just comforting.  Staying at the adorable Slamic B&B was convenient, plush, and safe.    I was a bit worried before going.  It looked a bit far from the main square and I wasn’t sure about how far it would be.  Turns out Ljubljana is adorably tiny and it was less than a 2 minute stroll to the main square.  And the included breakfast had some gluten free options:  fresh fruit, drinks, and yogurt (that was even labelled GF!).

And the best meal of the trip was on Day 1 as well.  Right along the river (through a bit of a stroll down the sidewalk ~10 minutes) in a more residential area was a pizza place, Pizzerija Trta.   It appeared I was the only traveller, but the staff were friendly and chatted with me a bit.  The GF pizza only comes in 1 size.  But it meant I had leftovers the next day.  Score for lunch to take with me to Lake Bled!

There wasn’t much in the way of to-go GF food available.  The takeaways where more sandwiches and pizza.  So I knew right away I needed to plan ahead.

A close runner up for trip highlight (after the GF pizza of course) was the Milk-0-Mat.   What’s better than fresh milk?  Fresh milk from a vending machine.  We definitely don’t have this at home.  So I couldn’t resist trying.  This alone was worth the trip!

All of the konzum and dm grocer markets have GF bread, crackers, cookies, cakes, and more.  Much is scharr.  And some other brands.  So I was then set for the next phase of my trip, Croatia.


Other must do’s in Slovenia besides eating:

-The free city tour meeting at 11:00 AM was one of the best city tours I’ve ever had.  And it was free!  This was a great introduction to the city and way to see where things were located.   It meets on the stairs of the Pink Church.

-“Hiking” up the hill to see the Ljubljana Castle.  There is a drive up for cars and a incline car if you aren’t so inclined.  But throughout the easy walk up there are great vistas onto Ljubljana.  And the view is worth it alone.  And makes exploring the castle so worth it.

-The Dragon Bridge.  Pretty self explanatory.  Bridge with dragon statues.

-Nighttime street art.  Every night I was here, street artists came out onto the streets to perform.  From singing to magic to acrobatics.   Amazing to watch.  And very impressive.


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